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Meetings are held at the old village hall on the second Tuesday of each month at 7.30pm.

Kent Village of the Year 2011 commendations

Kent Village of the Year commendation: Environment
Kent Village of the Year commendation: Economy

Biddenden Jubilee Crown of flowers

The floral crown was designed and made by the Biddenden Horticultural Society for the 2012 Jubilee celebrations.

Biddenden in Kent is a typical Wealden village with one of the prettiest main streets in the county.

The first recorded mention of the name is in a 10th century charter concerning a den, or swine pasture, in Bydyngden. Pottery of the Romano/British period has been found near the old railway line, north of the village.

Biddenden is rich in timber framed and brick buildings from the 1400s, and from Tudor and later periods, many of which were the result of wealth created when the broadcloth industry flourished in the Weald. The much-photographed houses along the south side of the High Street were built in the 1600s, when the cloth industry was in decline, possibly where cottages occupied by weavers once stood. Many of the houses on the north side of the street are of timber construction but were later given brick fronts. The West House restaurant is one of the oldest, though legend tells of a soldier returning from Agincourt in 1415 to set up the Red Lion public house.

The village is famous for the story of the Biddenden Maids, a story which rests on legend as well as on fact. Two sisters, whose true names and dates remain uncertain, are believed to have left about 20 acres of land to the church wardens so that the rent from farming it could pay for a dole of bread and cheese to be given at Easter to the most needy villagers. This charity was given High Court approval in 1656 and has continued its work ever since. The dole is now managed by the trustees of the Consolidated Charities and is given out on Easter Monday morning from the old workhouse on the Sissinghurst road.

All Saints Church was mainly built in the 1200s, though there was probably an earlier Saxon church here. After the decline in the cloth industry, the village continued its life as a busy agricultural community with a population which never fell below one thousand inhabitants, and was often nearer 1500. Today it is over 2,500. Several modern industries thrive: PK Produce and Biddenden Vineyards, and the Chart Hills Golf Club hosts international events on its 18-hole course.

The Biddenden Local History Society has published Biddenden in Pictures (on sale from the Post Office) and the Story of Biddenden (on sale from the church). Biddenden in Pictures is also available from YouByYou Books

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Biddenden Church


Local Boundary Commission Consultation

You may already be aware of this but the Local Boundary Commission is undertaking a consultation on the ward boundaries within the Ashford borough. The purpose of the Commission’s work is to make recommendations about our ward boundaries so that each elected representative at a borough level represents around the same number of voters and the specific interests and identities of local communities within those wards. It has stated that it will need to re-draw ward boundaries across Ashford to achieve this aim and is asking for feedback on its findings.

More details are available via the following link:

Ashford Local Plan Consultation dates

Dates to visit events about the Ashford Local Plan. This will affect all of us so please look at the list of events and see if you can visit.

The Ashford Local Plan

Proposals for the Ashford Area Local plan

The Ashford Local Plan - Biddenden specific detail

Ashford Local Plan: Information about North Street Biddenden and Priory Wood proposed sites

Biddenden's meeting to discuss the proposed sites is on the 26th June 15.30 - 19.00hrs at the Biddenden Village Hall

A review of KCC Funded Bus Services. Have your say!

I am writing to inform you of the launch of Kent County Council’s Consultation regarding a review of KCC Funded Bus Services. The public consultation provides information on why we need to reduce what we spend on these services, the approach that we have adopted and the possible impacts for bus users.

The consultation runs for eight weeks from 7th March until 15th May.

Details of this consultation can be found on our website at where the online consultation questionnaire can be completed. The consultation document and questionnaire is also available in Easy Read and Word formats on the website (above) or on request by e-mail, or phone 03000 421553 (this number is monitored during office hours and there is an answering machine at other times).

Following the consultation, the results will be presented to KCC Members in July and a decision will be made on the range of measures that we need to implement. Subsequently the results of the consultation and decision will be published. It is expected that resulting changes to bus services will be introduced in August 2016.


Spring is almost upon us and it's important to keep hedges and overhanging branches in check. These are your responsabilities.

New Email & Internet Scams

There are some dangerous new email and computer scams of which you should be aware. Here is some information to watch out for from the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau

The ransome demand email

The "Good Citizen Award" scam

Bogus websites selling cheap electrical goods

Professional production and editing of video

The Weald of Kent Computer Club will meet at the new Village Hall on Wednesday 16th March at 7.30pm when the subject will be “Professional production and editing of video” . The talk will be given by Gareth Powell of Playmountain Ltd a local company offering Video Production Services. Included will be examples of work carried out and how the results are achieved. This should be of interest to businesses wishing to promote themselves via video and to the amateur wanting to create something special for their family and friends. Visit for further details on the company and please come along on the 16th for an entertaining and informative evening.

All welcome, visitors £2 on the door. For further info call Adrian on 01580 291931

Power cut?

Who to contact of your power goes off

Meet our PCSO

Surgeries will be held at Biddenden church and will be from 10am-11am on the following dates:

all cancelled until further notice

NEW: Consumer Rights Act 2015

The Consumer Rights Act came into force on 1st October 2015. The law is now clearer and easier to understand, meaning that consumers can buy and businesses can sell with confidence..

Watch Out! A new parcel delivery scam!

Don't get caught out. Don't hand over your credit card details for re-delivery.

Kent Police has produced a helpful leaflet on.

“Shutting the Gate on Rural Crime”

Rural News 138

Essential Information on Funding for all local groups

Kent Parish News

Information about Kent parishes

Rogue traders spotted in the Maidstone area

Watch out for men offering to fix your driveway!

Report a pot hole

Bad pot hole in the road? Report it to the Highways Dept. on their online map.

Council Tax Support - Review

Ashford Borough Council has to review its council tax support scheme that it introduced in April 2013. Council tax support has meant that some people have had to pay something towards their council tax for the first time.

Ashford Borough Site Submissions - Building Plots

Letter from Ashford Borough Council - Simon Cole

Site Submissions Biddenden 1

Site Submissions Biddenden 2

Biddenden Housing Needs Survey - June 2012


COMMUNITY-LED PLAN 2013 - formal adoption was discussed by the recent BPC September 2013 meeting

Visit the Kent Police website

Kent Police to see the locations, dates and times for when the Police Contact points are in or near your area. Some locations, dates and times have recently been changed so please have a look for up-to-date details.

Rural News

Essential information on funding, training, events and much more for local councils, community halls and other groups!

Rural Local Needs Housing Guidance Notes

Information for the Council, Parish Councils/Parish Meetings, Housing Associations and Applicants

Free Loft and Cavity Wall Insulation

Click for further information.

News in Kent April 2014

Parish News for March.

Hedges on Roads and Paths

Spring time Hedges and Borders - Your obligations

Ashford Borough CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAU Newsletter Spring 2013

Benefits are changing

Universal Credits

Not got a bank account? You'll need one!

Welfare reform is coming – are you prepared?

Information from Ashford Borough Council

Council Tax Benefit

the changes...

Advice Services Transition Fund

The Big Lottery Fund and the Cabinet Office have launched a new £65 million grants programme; the Advice Services Transition Fund.

Grants of between £50,000 and £350,000 are available for local not-for-profit providers of advice services to continue to give vital help to people and communities in the areas of welfare benefits, debt, housing and employment.

Non-emergency Police phone number 101

Call 101: The new non-emergency Police phone number

Chalara dieback of Ash (Chalara fraxinea)

For further information in respect of reporting cases of Ash Dieback disease please visit the Forestry Commission's website here.

Informatiion specific to Kent in respect to Ash Dieback disease.

Information about Bonfires

Planning a bonfire? Find out more here.

Rogue Telephone Calls purporting to be from the CAB

Trading Standards Alert: members of the public are being telephoned by someone pretending to be from CAB and offering debt advice. Citizens Advice never call a member of the public without them having first contacted the CAB and giving permission for a call back.

Members of the public are reminded that they should never give personal details, banking information or other data to anyone who cold calls them. They are also reminded that the Citizens Advice Bureau do not charge a fee for the advice they give.

Di Sandy
Ashford Borough Citizens Advice Bureau

No Golf on the Gordon Jones Playing Field

A large number of golf balls have recently been found on the Gordon Jones Playing Field, tennis courts and bowling green. No golf or golf practice is allowed on the Gordon Jones Playing Field as it is an area heavily used by dog walkers and children. Golf presents serious health and safety issues because of the possibility of personal injury to others using the area. If you wish to practice or play golf, please visit either a local golf course or golf practice facility.


Red dog waste bins are provided around the Gordon Jones Playing Field and Millennium Field area. Most people make good use of these bins but a few do not. Please do not allow your dog to defecate in public areas without clearing up afterwards and disposing of it in the red bins provided. Bags are available, free of charge, from the Post Office.

Please note that if you do not pick up your dog waste, then you may find yourself picking up a fine instead.


We are committed to securing better broadband for businesses and communities in Kent. Our ambition is for 90% of homes and businesses to have superfast broadband access by 2015, and for everyone to have access to a service of at least 2mb. Kent County Council and the Government are investing over £20 million to help make this happen. VOTE NOW!

Localism Act received Royal Assent on 15 November 2011

This is a key piece of legislation which gives greater recognition and more power to local councils.

A plain English guide to the Localism Act.


Any Freedom of Information requests for the BPC should now utilize this new form: Click here for further information...

Biddenden Parish Plan 2005

To provide the Parish Council with an action plan for critical issues, as identified by the Steering Group through parish-wide consultation (click for details).

Biddenden Parish Plan revisited 2009

The initial 2005 Biddenden Plan revisited and updated for 2009 (click for details).

Biddenden Parish Council Information Publication Scheme

Updated 8 Jan 2013: Information about: who and what we are, what we spend and how we spend it, what our priorities are and how we are doing, how we make decisions, our policies and procedures, lists and registers, the services we offer, additional information. Model Publication Scheme 2013:

Biddenden Parish Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment dated 8 Jan 2013:

Useful Information

Concessionary Free Travel Scheme for Senior Citizens and Disabled People